We’re here with the Can You Steal It level 11 walkthrough, the complete guide to this new stage in the brilliant app for the iPhone and iPad. So if you got stuck while trying to solve this, worry no more as we have the complete solution for you and we’re sharing it below. So read on to check out the Can You Steal It walkthrough for level 11!

Don’t forget that we have also published the solutions for the previous levels and you can check them out here: levels 1 – 5, level 6, level 7, level 8, level 9, level 10. Now let’s move on to the Can You Steal It level 11 complete walkthrough!

1. Notice the colors on the human body picture on the wall – pink, blue, yellow.

can you steal it walkthrough level 11 - 01

2. Tap the cabinet and tap each square to match the colors. Open the door and get a knife.

3. Tap the letter (or symbols) chart on the wall and look at the highlighted ones:

can you steal it walkthrough level 11 - 02

4. Tap the right cabinets and zoom in to the arrows. Using the indications on the chart, tap the arrows in the following direction: right, up, left, right, down. Get the flashlight.

5. Tap the counter, then tap its base to move it to the side. You’ll find a secret hole there. Use the knife to remove the covering and then the flashlight to see the USB stick. Not so easy to take – we need a tool!

can you steal it walkthrough level 11 - 03

6. Tap the top jars on the right side of the screen, close to the ceiling. Get the key.

can you steal it walkthrough level 11 - 04

7. Open the top drawer with the key and get the hook. Use it to get the USB stick from the hole.

8. Tap the top cabinet and open the right door. Place the stick inside, open it and get the bottle.

can you steal it walkthrough level 11 - 05

And this is it! We have completed level 11 in Can You Steal It, but there’s more coming, so stay tuned with us.

[UPDATE:] We’ve just published the Can You Steal It Level 11 walkthrough, make sure to check it out as well!


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