Can You Steal It Level 10 Walkthrough / Cheats

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We’re back with the Can You Steal It level 10 walkthrough to help you with a really difficult level in this beautiful game that we all ended up loving. Things are getting more complicated though and stages are not as easy to solve, so some cheats will always come in handy. Therefore, if you got stuck at this stage, check out the Can You Steal It walkthrough for level 10 and you’ll find the solution!

Don’t forget that we have also published the solutions for the previous levels and you can check them out here: levels 1 – 5, level 6, level 7, level 8, level 9. Now let’s move on to the Can You Steal It level 10 complete walkthrough!

1. Tap the TV and get a puzzle piece from there. Tap the trash can and get a second piece from there too and finally tap the green pillow near the chair and take the third piece.

can you steal it walkthrough level 10 - 01

2. Tap the painting on the wall and place the puzzle pieces on the board:

can you steal it walkthrough level 10 - 02

3. Tap each piece until you solve the puzzle. Tap it again and we’ll notice that we need a tool to open the screws:

can you steal it walkthrough level 10 - 03

4. Tap the plant near the TV and take the screwdriver there. Use it to open the screws on the painting and remove the case. We need a code to open the safe! We’ll be back here soon.

5. Tap the iPad on the table and tap the button to power it on. There are four images there:

can you steal it walkthrough level 10 - 04

6. We need to change those to the evolution of the plant. Start with a seed, then a seed with rain, the small plant and finally a big plant with the sun (not the one in the screenshot):

can you steal it walkthrough level 10 - 05

7. We’ll get the message “Merry Christmas! 1225” Use the numbers to open the safe behind the picture and get the key.

8. Zoom into the desk and open the top drawer using the key. Get the envelope and you’re all done!

A really nice level, I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did! And if you keep playing make sure to check out the solution to level 11 too!


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