Can Knockdown – Carnival game brought to your pocket

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The name of the game really says it all. Cans are arranged in a number of different ways for you to throw balls at to attempt to knock them down in as few goes as possible, each level a new arrangement of cans (however there are only actually about 10 levels currently before they repeat themselves, a bit of a shame but hopefully in an update they’ll add more.)

Simply the aim is to get as high a score as you can with the 5 balls you start off with, there are chances to gain extra balls on certain levels. Each can equals 1 point, if you complete a level only using 1 ball the next level each can us worth 2 points and so on and so on. Simple to understand simple to play and very addictive, I’ve found myself playing non stop for over an hour and draining my battery but well worth it.

The graphics and physics of the game are both very good, it’s a lot like really being back at a fair ground, except this time the can game isn’t rigged and you can actually knock the cans down. The sound effects are also very good and there’s no lag between hitting the cans and the ‘ting’ sound of the ball colliding with the can as there sometimes is with less well produced games. Only annoying point is the chattering and clapping sound effects which can begin to get on your nerves after a while but it’s not really that bad.

Overall a simple but well produced and well executed game which is highly addictive and yet so humbling.

iTunes Link: Can Knockdown

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