Bomb de Robber Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for a Super High Score

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Bomb de Robber is a fun and crazy little skill game that I’ve been playing like crazy for the past few hours and I’ve decided that if I have so much fun playing it, there might be some other people out here who probably enjoy it and want to get better. So I’ve decided to share with you all my experience in this article as a complete set of Bomb de Robber cheats, tips and strategies to get a score as high as possible.

It’s indeed mostly about skill and coordination, especially if you play it right without cheating, but some additional tips will never hurt, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Bomb de Robber tips and cheats!

Two-player cheat
The easiest way to cheat at the game and greatly improve your chances is to bring a friend and play Bomb de Robber as a duo: one player takes care of the top lane only, while the other one takes care of the bottom lane. Timing still has to be right, but you won’t be pressured to act as quickly as if you were playing alone and things are a lot easier. It’s cheating, but it’s still fun and the game’s difficulty drops considerably!

It’s all about the timing
If you’re not planning to cheat, it’s all about timing! There are multiple types of cars and the farther you get, the more bombs you will need to make them blow – but your bombs have different traveling speeds, and you always have to tap the screen at the right time. Always keep your eye on the screen and stay focused: sometimes, the first bomb that appears on the screen won’t be the first to explode, sometimes you will quickly have to tap 2 or 3 times. It’s insanely difficult, but that’s how you do it.

Aim at the front of the car
Because sometimes the speed of your bombers is extremely high, you should learn to aim at the front of the car. It’s always better to try to explode as soon as you are close to the car than wait – as usually waiting for too long leads to a game over message.

Change bombers
Reaching certain point milestones when you play will unlock new types of bombs. This is just a visual reward though for all your hard work.

Practice and take breaks
Practice makes perfect in this game, so the more you play, the better you get at it, but if you start to lose your mind and get extremely angry or frustrated, it’s better to take a break. Return after 5 minutes or so and you will see that you will do a lot better. A clear, rested mind will work better and you will get a better score in return!

These are for now our tips and tricks – and one cheat – for Bomb de Robber. If you have other strategies that work, let us know by commenting below!


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