Bejeweled Stars Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Three Star Levels

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Bejeweled Stars has been launched by EA and PopCap Games and I must admit that I absolutely love it so for. I’d go as far as saying that the reinvented match-three game that basically made this genre into what it is today is more fun and overall better than its well known competitor Candy Crush Saga. But it doesn’t even matter who’s better or not, what matters is that Bejeweled Stars is an awesome game and I am here to help you get the most out of it by sharing some cheats, tips and strategies to use in order to get three star ratings on all levels.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below App Amped’s Bejeweled Stars cheats, tips and tricks!

1. Match at the bottom
Just like with every match three game out there, Bejeweled Stars seems to play better if you try to make your matches at the bottom of the screen. This way, you have more chances to get combos up above and clear the board faster. So always look on your board for solid options at the bottom.

2. Always go for special Gems
Special Gems are always game savers and you should try to create them as often as possible. So always start looking for matches of 4 or square matches as these are the easiest to get. Special Gems are also created from matching 5 in a row and L or T shaped matches. Always look for these opportunities as sometimes they’re the only types of gems that can help you complete a level.

3. Craft special Gems
As you play, you unlock more and more types of power-ups. I personally find the first one you unlock – the Flame Swapper – extremely useful as it allows you to create an explosive gem anywhere on the map. So always craft them, and wait for them to be ready (no real reason to rush things up!) A good trick with crafting is to always set your Power Lab to craft something before you leave the game so you can collect the Power-up when you return.

4. SkyGems are important… but not that much
SkyGems are used to craft Power-ups, but you get them from the Hen and from simply playing the game. Don’t waste a move just to collect a SkyGem: only get them if the match helps you complete the goal. If you manage to complete a level, you will collect the SkyGem anyway – and if you don’t, you still get to keep any SkyGems you have collected during that stage. So it’s a good idea to generally ignore them and just let them come to you naturally.

5. Add Facebook friends
It’s extremely important to connect Bejeweled Stars to Facebook and add friends in order to get food for the chicken and extra lives. They are extremely useful and help you progress faster!

6. Extra Lives cheat
If you don’t have any lives left, you could try the time lapse cheat: simply go to your phone’s settings after quitting the game and set the time 100 minutes ahead. Return to the game and you should have your lives refilled. You can even go back to your phone’s settings and set the time back to normal, you will still keep your lives!

7. Replay levels for extra stars
Even though it might be just a coincidence, in my case, every time I replayed a level after completing it – if I didn’t get the full three stars – I would get on my next try at least one extra star. It’s worth trying it out because you get valuable stars for your constellations and ace the levels. And even if it’s just a strange coincidence in my case, replay levels over and over again until you eventually get them right: many of them depend on the drops you get, and these are completely random – but eventually, they will all go your way.

These would be, for now, my Bejeweled Stars tips and cheats. If you have any other useful gameplay tips, share them with us in the comment section below.


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