Badly Drawn Logos Quiz Is the New Challenge for Logo Guessing Fans

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I was, just like everybody else, caught by the madness surrounding the launch of the original Logos Quiz game, but got bored pretty quickly afterwards with the ton of copies that did nothing to improve the genre. Today, my interest for logo guessing started to raise with the release of Badly Drawn Logos Quiz, an extremely funny take on the genre.

Coming from Sporcle, the brilliant minds of Badly Drawn Movies fame, Badly Drawn Logos Quiz is basically your ol’ logo guessing game with a twist: the logos are not shadows or pieces from the original logo, but drawn bits. Badly drawn logos, actually, which makes the entire game that much more fun.

badly drawn logos1

In this game, you earn points by guessing the badly drawn logos (more if you manage to guess it before the drawing is complete) and you can use these fish as hints for logos that you can’t guess. It’s pretty simple and fun at the same time, combining a bad drawing experience a la Draw Something with the insane addiction-ness of Logo Quiz. The result? A very funny and fun experience!

Give it a try by downloading Badly Drawn Logos Quiz for free (at the moment, at least) from iTunes and have fun!


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