Avoid the Circles Cheats: Tips & Tricks for a High Score

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Avoid the Circles is the latest craze in the “Stay in Line” series, following some similarly deceptively simple mechanics: this time, you can only move your circle downwards and try to avoid the circles while doing so. Since you can’t dodge left or right, things are really difficult so you might need some Avoid the Circles cheats and tips to help you keep going and get a high score to be proud of.

So read on for our Avoid the Circles tips and tricks!

1. Upgrade the game
The biggest problem with Avoid the Circles is that eventually you will run out of “road” and it will be game over. The only way to keep on going with the same score is to use the “save me” button, which comes in unlimited amounts in the “Pro” version. So really this game is made in such a way that you can’t really get very far without paying for the full version.

2. Find the patterns
All the circles follow the same pattern, so quickly look at them and see how they move. Then start tapping the screen when you can go through them!

3. Stop and wait
You don’t have to go continuously in the game, you can stop at any point and wait to see what happens. It’s actually a must in most circumstances to stop after going through a series of circles, wait for the right pattern to form and then carry on. There are very few impossible moments in the game, and you can really go for a long time if you are paying attention.

4. Practice a lot
No game like this one is easy to master, despite it’s extremely simple concept. Practice a lot and you will get better at avoiding the circles. However, understand that you can’t get a very high score playing the regular version – this is how the game is made!

Do you have any other tips and tricks for Avoid the Circles? Maybe you found out a working cheat? Let us know by commenting below!


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  1. You can click the ad at the bottom of the screen during in the middle of the game (then exit out) and you get to start over at the beginning without losing your score.


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