Auctioneer Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Get the Highest Bid Ever!

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Cherry’s Auctioneer game that has just been launched on the App Store for iPhone and iPad is an extremely well made, great looking and insanely addictive game, despite its really simple concept: you play as an auctioneer trying to sell different works of art to the highest bidder. But, you see, there are a ton of people bidding for the art and you have to be really careful when you choose the winning bid: it has to be the highest, otherwise it’s game over.

We can agree that there is not much you can do but try your best to get there, but we still have a few Auctioneer cheats and tips to help you get even better at the game, anticipate the highest bids and get as far as possible. Because, as impossible as it might seem right now, you’re not that far away from getting to at least a bid of 50,000! So let’s see how to do it!

1. Try to anticipate the bids: so far, all the bids in the Auctioneer game follow the same rules and you can anticipate the general number of the bid: we’re always starting, for example, with two bids, one below 10 and one above. The next is in the low 200s and so on – with them increasing slightly in value as you unlock new auctioneers. But the idea is that they always follow the same pattern, so when you see after 5 bids a large 1022, you know that you’ll find better.

2. When you reach bids of 10,000 and above, it’s already too difficult to compare the entire numbers, so only look at the first three – they are usually enough to give you the highest bid and you win precious time!

3. New auctioneers will give you bigger bids faster, so do your best to unlock them ASAP: an easy way to get there is by accepting all free coins that you can get (they appear as a gift box under your coin rewards each level). Take them and soon you’ll get to huge bids in no time!

4. Don’t look at the timer – ignore it, as you will usually have enough time to check out all the bids and they start wobbling when the time is running out. Try to forget the pressure of the timer and take your time to analyze all the bids. Of course, you need to be fast, but there’s no problem if you tap the highest one in the last second!

5. Take short breaks every 15 minutes or so as the game will be very demanding on your eyes and you’ll get really tired. You will perform much better when well rested, so take these breaks and get back to the game fresh and strong to get that huge super bid!

This is it for now. If you have other Auctioneer tips and tricks, let us know!


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