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The latest iOS hit from PopCap and Electronic Arts is here under the name of Peggle Blast, and we are all extremely happy with the final product which is charmingly addictive and extremely high quality. However, just like many of the free to play games out there, it has some minor drawbacks, drawbacks that can, fortunately, be easily fixed.

I am talking here mainly about some of the waiting times that are related to the game, like the moments when you have to wait for your lives to fill back up or when you have to wait for a specific amount of time to pass before you unlock a new stage.

Fortunately, the way to fix this is by adding some Peggle Blast friends on Facebook, after connecting your game. Friends can easily help you with extra lives and unlocking the stages faster, so it’s a no brainer here. However, not most of us are lucky enough to have at least a handful of active friends playing the game, so in that case we need to add more to get what we want.

So I have created this article to serve this exact purpose: here you can add more Peggle Blast friends on Facebook and get all the advantages of having more people playing the game. Simply paste your Facebook profile link in the comment section below and people will send you a friend request and you can both enjoy the advantages of being connected. It’s very easy!

Don’t forget, that in this case, it’s recommended to use a profile created specifically for gaming or at least have a group for gaming purposes with privacy changes to avoid strangers getting access to images and posts you might not want them to get access to.


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