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Glu’s latest extremely popular is Kendall and Kylie – and we’ve already told you what you have to do if you want to download and play it on PC for free and without breaking any rules. But now we’re going to focus on a different aspect: the social aspect, because you know too well that you need to be social in order to be successful today and you can’t get far without having a lot of friends. And that’s exactly what we are here to help you with – getting more friends in the Kendall and Kylie game by Glu.

Yes, I know that most of your Facebook friends are not playing the game, but you need more people to join up with you to make things a lot better. But why do you need friends for? Well, they are extremely useful in many situations, but one of the most important is that they can help you progress a lot faster through the game, one method being that of helping you complete your quests a lot sooner. And you know you need them because energy’s always low and time is always ticking away.

The good news is that you can use this article to add more Kendall and Kylie friends and there are a couple of methods you can use in order to get more people join you – and you join them as well:

1. Share your Game Center ID in a comment below. People will add you and you will have them as friends in the game. It’s the easiest and fastest way!

2. Share your Facebook profile URL. This not only allows you to add more friends to the Kendall and Kylie game (if you have it connected with your Facebook account, obviously), but it also gives you the chance to increase your popularity and followers count if these friends also like your published photos. So it’s a multi win situation – and you can use both methods. Just have in mind that if you choose to share your Facebook profile, it would be best to be very careful with the people you add and make sure that you send them to a group that doesn’t receive any personal information. Better be safe than sorry.

Now all you have to do is to leave a comment below with your Facebook profile or Game Center ID and other people will start adding you immediately. Don’t forget to add fellow players as well because it’s a win/win situation!



    1. VICTORIA Reply

      Hey my Game Center id is (carolinew21) without parenthesis lol
      I have 56 million and I’m VICTORIA just so you know
      I also play 24/7

  1. Sienna Reply

    Hey Raelyn I added you on Game Center a few days ago. My character name is Stella on the KK game. How did you rank up so fast?

  2. FluffyTalks Reply

    Game Center ID: FluffyTalks
    K&K UserName: Anastasia Grey
    Add me! I play everyday, and I include all new friends in gigs, so look out for yourself in my post !

  3. Christine Reply

    Hi, I’ve about 16 million followers so I’m in the 1 million club..
    ADD ME on gc: CiaoCiaoBaciBaci

  4. katelyn Reply

    I dont know how to add people. I know u use fb or the game code but i cant find anything on the game tht says add someone. please help

  5. Hannah Reply

    Game Center: RebelsFury
    + Kendall and Kylie
    + Kardashian
    Looking to add to my Krew: Model Status
    Send Kred. Receive Kred.

  6. CaseyStarr Reply

    I just created a krew and I am finding people who are active and who is willing to send kreds and help everyone at their parties. We all want a gift box and prizes, right? Join my krew! It’s Slaying K

  7. Kieran Reply

    Hello, you wonderful people reading this thread!

    I can either waffle or go straight to the point and no one likes a waffler, right?

    Okay so I’ve heard of this new krew called Daily Dosers, so original isn’t it? Well, this krew called Daily Dosers just so happens to be run by myself! Now, Kieran, you may ask, why are you creating a new krew when there are soooooooo many out there to join? Well, frankly, in my experience after joining a krew, players seem to dwindle down and become inactive after a month or so and that leads to the ever so stressful task of finding an active krew that isn’t full! So, you may see where this is heading (and if you have read the quite so obvious title), I would like to ask you all to join my krew! It will be an actives only krew but you can join regardless, there’s no huffle and fuffle of sending me a request to join. Kred sending is at least 8 times a day, if not more and if that doesn’t tempt you, I also buy K Gems now and then, and K Gem purchases = gift boxes. Everyone loves a good gift box, don’t they? Gift boxes mean clothes and clothes make your avatar happy. So hopefully, that has tempted you all *hint hint* and I hope to be seeing some of you making my little contact notifications flash up!

  8. Tiffany Reply

    I just started a krew called Kute&klassic. Looking for active ladies! I’m desicated to sending kred and getting 1st place on all competitions! As a member who has over 2 mil and counting followers, I love this game and want to make it more fun for my ladies!!

  9. Amy Louise Reply

    My GameCenter ID: Amyytje
    I am online everyday atleast 4 times a day on the Kendall and Kylie app, I have 140k followers at the moment, please feel free to add me I add everyone <3

  10. Natalie Reply

    Join my krew: #StormiWebster
    Active daily and send kreds!
    Currently at 93.5k followers and have only been playing for 2 weeks (very dedicated).

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