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Home Street is a brand new and extremely amazing social life simulation game for Android and iOS powered devices, created by Supersolid. And it is indeed a super-solid competitor for Sims games: it follows a similar principle and game mechanics, but at the same time offering a brand new, fun and exciting experience.

But you can’t have a great social game if you don’t have a bunch of active people to play it with. Home Street makes things a bit easier in terms of adding friends to help you progress through the game faster (or for you to help in order to get some nice rewards): we have random people popping up the streets, we have the cook neighborhoods to join and we can link our social profiles as well.

However, even these methods won’t guarantee that you end up with highly active players that will prove helpful in the long run. Highly active players are important because they help you a lot – and this article is created to give you the chance of adding some more Home Street friends by sharing your friend code and adding friend codes that have already been shared.

In order to find your friend code in Home Street (or add new ones), simply tap the friends icon at the bottom of the screen, tap the Bookmarks button in the friends menu and then tap the “Friend Code” tab. Easy peasy!

So this is basically everything you have to do in order to get some extra friends in the game. Share your friend codes below and add any additional comments you think could be useful (details about your character, play style, times when you are online and so on). Maybe this could be the beginning of brand new and highly successful neighborhood – but even if it’s not, you still win some active friends to help you in the game.

And if you need some extra help – especially if you’re just starting up – you can always check out some tips and tricks aimed at beginner Home Street over at Touch Tap Play.

But don’t forget to actually head over to the comment section below and share your friend code – then add a few friend codes from those posted by other active players. You’ll see how easy the game is when you team up with other active people who love the game as much as you do.


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