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Dungeon Boss is a great RPG game that has just been launched on the App Store by Big Fish Games and I am sure you’ve been playing it like crazy for some time now. But, most likely, you’ve been playing the game alone – and that’s not fun at all, especially since if you add more friends, you get advantages in battles and use extra heroes.

So I’ve decided to come and help those lonely players out there and give them a chance to add more Dungeon Boss friends – and do it here! All you have to do is to publish your Dungeon Boss ID in the comment section below and other players will add you. Make sure you add them too and we’ll all be a big, happy family.

Friends are extremely useful in the game as their heroes can be used once per day, for free, to help us in battle. The more friends you have, the more heroes you can summon to give you a hand when you need it the most during a dungeon fight.

How to get your DBID? Simply tap in the upper left corner the icon that shows your current player level, then tap the Account tab: you will see your Dungeon Boss friend code there. Paste it here and let the magic happen! Have fun!


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