Add More Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Friends Here by Sharing Your Friend Codes

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Having many friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is extremely important because you can receive Kudos from them, help in the Quarry (which is extremely important) and also buy useful items from their market stalls or get help to get rid of items you don’t need by having them purchase the said items.

And even though you can randomly send invites to fellow players that you meet in the in-game areas, I think that adding some more specialized and highly active friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the way to go. We can do so by either sharing out player ID or using an ID from another person – and that’s exactly why this article is here: to help you get more friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!

The best part here is that when you publish your ID in the comment section below, you can also say what type of friends you expect, like those who help by buying items from your market or those who help in the quarry constantly) and what type of help you will provide. This makes it a lot easier to choose the right people for your game!

If you’re wondering how to find your Friend Code or where to add these ID’s, it’s pretty easy, actually. Simply tap the hamburger menu to the left (the one that looks like three lines) and tap the friends button there.

You’ll be taken to a new window, where you will have to tap the Add Friend button first. This brings the following sweet menu:

From here, you can either tap the top button and find your ID to share with others, or simply tap the button below it to enter one of the IDs shared by others. It’s that easy and extremely helpful!

So don’t forget to share your IDs below and connect with as many people as possible. Share all the details you think are required so that others know exactly who they’re adding as a friends. Have fun!


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