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It might seem impossible at first, but there is indeed the possibility that you don’t have enough friends playing the recently launched Angry Birds 2 – or at least you don’t have enough friends to send you gifts (and send gifts to, of course) and help you get through the game a lot faster than everybody else.

Well, if that’s your case, worry no more as I have created this article where you can easily share your Facebook ID and get more Angry Birds 2 friends to help you play the game at full speed and get all the gifts you can handle!

If you want to add more Angry Birds 2 friends, simply do the following:

1. Make sure that you have connected your game with your Facebook account.

2. Share your Facebook profile link below and people playing Angry Birds 2 will start adding you. Don’t forget to add the people posting their profile links as well, because that’s the only way to keep this thing going.

Please note that we would suggest creating a special profile for gaming purposes if you are to share your Facebook profile here and add strangers as friends – or at least create a special list of people on your Facebook profile and limit the amount of personal information that you want to share. These is just my opinion – you are free, of course, to tackle the problem as you see fit.

Either way, one thing is clear: now you will get more Angry Birds 2 friends a lot faster and you’ll be able to open up more gifts than you ever did. Don’t forget to gift back and everybody will be happy!


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