A Quick Look At: Magic Piano

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This quirky little game by Smule is yet another take on music games, drawing ideas from guitar hero and tap tap revenge, whilst keeping its unique niche and appeal on the genre. The game takes, than transforms some of the most popular tunes and songs of history into a piano version. Touch away to Gangnam style, Mario and all your favourite Mozart tracks, there is a huge database of songs available.

To download songs within magic piano you must obtain and spend ‘smoola’, in game currency which can be earn’t through gameplay, or bought through in app purchases. Whilst I strongly disagree with these payments after you’ve already payed for the game, the game is free and its not shoved in your face, you have to make money somehow right?

Magic Piano is quiet a creative game with some great pieces of innovation, the large song base with several types of piano allows hours of casual gaming fun. This quaint music game is a great little pickup so if you have the time to put into it, get tapping to your favourite tunes on Magic Piano right away!



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