It’s not 28 Days Later, but it’s 28 Days DEAD… which is about the same thing, because if it moves, it’s a zombie. And surprise! It moves! And the result is packed into a game whose name smart-fully borrows familiar sounds (28 Days Later, Call of Duty…. you get the hints!)

This could be the intro for A Call of Zombie: 28 Days DEAD, a game putting together the endless runner genre, zombies and a blonde pigtailed girl with a double-barreled shotgun ready to do some major damage. So all in all, we have a great premise for a great zombie-apocalypse game, and I am sure it would be even more successful if the author of this game knew how to market it better.

a call of zombies1

“Your favorite zombie’s favorite Zombie is about to get blown to smithereens!” – this is the entire description at the moment for A Call of Zombie: 28 Days DEAD, which is equal with ZERO, because it says nothing. But looking at the screenshots first and then deciding to give the game a try will show you that you actually did the right thing.

A Call of Zombie: 28 Days DEAD is a pretty good and fun game, available for free and ready to provide some nice action. So just head over to iTunes and grab your copy!