99 Eggs Cheats and Tips to Get a High Score Better than Ever

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99 Eggs is a brand new game by Crazy Labs and it resembles a bit the gameplay of 100 Balls. However, it brings in a drawing mechanic (you basically draw a shape to hold the eggs) which makes the game a lot more fun in my opinion. So we’re here to share with you a complete set of 99 Eggs cheats and tips that will help you score higher than your friends and, why not, help you get on the top of the leaderboards. Without actually hacking the game – that’s not cool!

So read on the few simple tips (there really isn’t much to give away) and hopefully you’ll do better. Here are App Amped’s 99 Eggs cheats and tips:

1. The Marker goes down as you lose eggs
If you lose eggs, you don’t just miss out on some extra points, but you also lose some of your marker, making future lines shorter – basically, as soon as you lose that first egg, it’s going to get more and more difficult for you to catch them all and you always will lose more and more. So try to reduce the number of eggs you lose as much as possible from the start and never sacrifice eggs, no matter what their color is.

2. Yellow Eggs vs White Eggs
Because, yes, yellow eggs are worth more points than white eggs. However, you should really strive to keep them all in play because otherwise you will lose the marker and won’t be able to save any more.

3. Draw deep lines
The more times you can get an “U” shaped drawing for the eggs to fall into, the better for you and your eggs. Ahem. However, you will have to play 99 Eggs several times and get used with how much you can draw to know exactly if you can create a complete “U” on all times. Because that U without the second vertical line becomes an “L” and that’s an “L” from “Losing”.

So if you can’t draw the deep lines, try to cover as much space as possible or quickly draw a few nearby lines that are not as deep. If you can master this technique, you’re mastering the game.

4. Draw the lines higher
For some reason, I believe that the lower you draw your lines, the more space you need to cover because the eggs get a faster speed. So draw as close to the launching line as possible.

These would be for now our 99 Eggs tips and tricks – there is indeed not much to say except “keep trying and adjust your strategy” so get going and have fun.


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