4 iDevice Accessories To Improve Any Game

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Idevice gaming is the leader in casual mobile gaming, whilst a huge improvement on the 8 bit games on your Nokia; there are still plenty of options out there to improve your experience. The touch screen certainly can limit your possibilities as a gamer, your precision, accuracy and timing can all be hindered by it and if you’re serious about gaming, these tools are for you.

JOYSTICK-IT Arcade Stick for iPhone

01 joystick

What a great idea, excellent! Simply stick this little goer onto your iPhone and game away to your hearts content with your own miniature joystick. This allows for seamless precision and great compatibility with potentially thousands of games, if you have trouble with sweaty or slippery movement, terrible accuracy or are just looking for something to bring back those old arcade games this is for you.

The iPhone joystick is available for $9 at thinkgeek, with the tablet adaptation also available.

Caliber Advantage

02 caliberThe Caliber Advantage is a up and coming gaming accessory that allows gamers to enjoy a huge range of features, with bluetooth connectivity, an independent battery, some excellent buttons to mash on and a whole lot more, this sweet piece of equipment is a useful tool in any gamers arsenal.

When released the Caliber Advantage will be priced at $70 from Zagg.com, with compatibility to gen 5 devices only.

10 ft. Charging Cable For Idevices

03 cable

Your Iphone has been sitting in your pocket all day and when your finally home from work, all you want to do is pump out some (insert casual game here), but no, apples insistence on short cords forces you to wait an hour before relaxing. But wait! The amazing 10 ft cable allows you to play from your couch or bed! This little invention would be great for those moments when your game is sucking up all that precious battery life and being quite cheap you can catch it for under $10.

Jawbone Jambox OR X-mini II Capsule Speaker 


The Jawbone Jambox is the undisputed leader in Iphone speakers, with the added bonus of wireless connectivity. Amazing sound quality, volume and its hands free approach all contribute to make it the pinnacle of sound amplification. With a steep price of around $200, it may not be a viable option for most gamers, that is why I also suggest the X-mini 2. Its affordable price of $30 gives you a decent sound quality, with 11 hours of battery life, but sadly no Bluetooth. Whichever device you choose, they can both be a great a great addition to any gamers stash.

And these are our iDevice accessories to improve your game, let us know which one did you choose!


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