100 Funny Private Story Names for Snapchat (2023 Update)

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What’s the best way to spice up your Snapchat story? With a funny and memorable name for your private stories!

This article shares 100 different names that you can use on Snapchat, and they’re as funny and cool as they get. The article also includes 20 new updated names that I came up with this year.

These are perfect for those who want to make their friends laugh and remember their Snapchats – and especially the private stories, which are already great.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some amazing Funny Private Story names below!

1. EwwwwwNotEwww

2. MyCompletelyPersonalHiddenStory

3. TheInvisibleHandsThatShakeYourHand

4. Focus, Greatness & Tacos

5. Should Could Would… Maybe

6. WhoTheHellIsPeterPiper?

7. The Devil on Your Shoulder

8. Never Enough Coffee

9. Tried to Delete, Couldn’t

10. Darn, This Story Is Full of Tens

11. Oops I did it again (and again)

12. Like What You See – Call Me

13. Designated Driver’s Drunk

14. Jokes with My Mom

15. Suck It, Beer Pong!

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16. The Life of a Student-Athlete

17. I’ve Got 99 Problems And This Snap Is One Of Them

snapchat private story names

18. Tap for a Treat

19. Smelly Cat

20. Wannabe Funny

21. Cleaning out my closet

22. The story with an I

23. Watch and learn then forget

24. Disrespectful This

25. Forgetting my password

26. The one where I’m just gonna stay in bed all day

27. Just me, myself and who?

28. Illusions of Grandeur

29. We’re All Mad Here

30. An absolutely useless video

31. Sunkissed by Margaritas

32. This never existed

33. Deleted, don’t watch

34. Who’s there?

35. It’s me, not YouTube

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36. Daily Habits Formed at Night

37. Makes no Sense, Sensei

38. Oops! You didn’t see that

snapchat private story

39. Not even a little bit funny

40. The Drunken Master

41. I’m sorry, I panicked

42. My life is complete now that you’re watching this story

43. The Dumbest Story Ever Told

44. It’s all unicorns and rain

45. I never finish anyth

46. What’s wrong with me?

47. I’m Sorry, I’ve Been Drinking

48. Just me and my thoughts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

49. How to Annoy Your Parents

50. Stupid Button on this Phone…

51. The Life of a College Freshman – Volume One: Incoming!

52. That’s All, Folks!

53. Did you see this?

54. Your Mom Tries Snapchatting for the First Time

55. Attention hog

56. This is what happens when

57. I did it! I forgot it!

58. Please bring pizza

59. I’m Not Good at This

60. The Bitter Teenager

61. The only storyteller without an audience

62. Your Mom Tries Snapchatting Again… And Fails Miserably

63. Drunken Stories

64. Drunk and Confused :/

66. Your Mom Tries Snapchatting Yet Again… And Fails Miserably, But This Time Even More So

67. Are we there yet?

68. One Day In Bed

69. The Personal Trainer

70. Mmmm banana

71. This story is better than sleep

72. I’m Staying in Today

73. The Digital Time Bomb

74. If you’ve read this far, come find me on Snapchat!

75. No details for you.

76. Have you seen my glasses?

77. A glass of wine later

78. The most interesting man in the world

79. Chillin’ like a villain

80. Somebody Pressed Rec

81. Peanuts and Pennies

82. This is for you!

83. The Unemployed Journalist

84. Picture This: Bam!

85. Cake Day Is Best Day

86. Today I have to admit this

87. Embarrassed but not embarrasing

88. Hey you! You’re special!

89. Stop thinking about it…

90. The Best Story Ever Told

91. A Stupid Video Worth Watching

92. How to Trick Your Friends to Click

93. How long is this story?

94. I forgot to press stop.

95. I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry

96. That’s What She Said!

97. Oh My God, You Guys…I Can’t Believe It Worked!!

98. I’m not good at Snapchat

99. I snap, I chat, I send you stories

100. Turn lights off before watching


I hope that these 100 funny private story name ideas will come in handy. Of course, you do have to make sure that the title fits the story in most cases… but with so many options, you should never have a problem finding the right name for it.

Plus, some of these names can give you ideas on what kind of Snapchat story to create next for your friends, family and/or loved ones… so good luck and have fun!


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