100 Doors & Rooms Walkthrough: Level 11 – Level 20

We are back with the 100 Doors & Rooms walkthrough and this time we’re moving to a set of more difficult levels, levels 11 to 20. Things are getting a little bit more complicated for us, but fortunately this solution to all the levels will help us get through. And if you got stuck along the way, we are here to help!

Before we start to check out the 100 Doors & Rooms walkthrough for level 11 and on, don’t forget that we also have the first 10 levels solved here, so if you need more help – you’ve got it! Now let’s check out the new set of levels!

100 Doors & Rooms Level 11 walkthrough

First, tap and solve the puzzle as seen below:

100 doors rooms walkthrough level 11

Get the card from the drawer and use it to open the door and exit.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 12 walkthrough

Get a stick from the left cabinet and a lighter from the top right one. Tap the stick, then use the lighter on it, then the stick on the fire alarm on top of the door. You can now exit the room.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 13 walkthrough

Tap the switch on the wall to turn off the lights, then tap each of the lamps to see the code (526). Use it to exit the room.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 14 walkthrough

Take the balloon and pump from the left drawers, then use the pump on the balloon until you see the code (426). Use it to exit.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 15 walkthrough

What a mess! Pick up a piece of paper from the trash can and a chair’s leg from the ground near it. Also pick a piece from the right drawer of the table. Use it with the chair’s leg, and the improvised pickaxe with the tile where’s some water, right in front of the door (the tile is also marked on the piece of paper):

100 doors rooms walkthrough level 15

Get the key and exit.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 16 walkthrough

From the bottom cabinet, get two bottles and a funnel, then from the top one get a milk box and hose. Open the bigger bottle and use the milk on it. Then use the smaller bottle, add the hose and the funnel. Use the bottle to put off the fire, get the key and get out of there!

100 Doors & Rooms Level 17 walkthrough

From the coats, get a silver key and a cell phone. Use the silver key on the left cabinet and get phone’s battery. Place it in the phone and turn it on to see the code – 859. Use it to exit.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 18 walkthrough

Get one trophy from the middle right cabinet. Inside, you will find a silver key. Use it to open the right door of the cabinet and get the boxing gloves. Following the instructions above the door, use the glove and tap 5 times the boxing sack. Get the key and you can open the door.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 19 walkthrough

Get the sword from the left cabinet and a shield from behind the plant. Put them in the hands of the statue. Get the neon light from below the statue and place it to the right of the door. You can now open it.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 20 walkthrough

Tap the tires and get the piece under them. Tap the boxes and get a battery. Use it on the piece you’ve just got and tap the door to exit.

Again, some pretty easy levels, but they might still give you the headaches. This walkthrough will hopefully prevent that from happening. Stay tuned as more are coming!



    1. PhatFlowerhorn Reply

      Level 26 the pots are the answer use the colours and size large to small on the table buttons. So should be dark brown, blue-green, light brown and yellow-green.

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