100 Doors & Rooms Walkthrough: Level 1 – Level 10

A brand new escape the room game has been launched on iOS powered devices and since it’s been such a long time we’ve played one, we decided to give 100 Doors & Rooms a try. It seems that we were really lucky, as we are talking here about a really amazing game – and we have the walkthrough to help you beat it. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the 100 Doors & Rooms solution for the first 10 levels of the game.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 1 Walkthrough

Open the right cabinet and take the flashlight. Use it with the grates in the top left corner and get the key. Use it to escape.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 2 Walkthrough

Take the piece of paper on the ground and notice it reads “E-S-C-A-P-E”. Tap the books in the library and spell the word “Escape”. Now tap the top shelf of the cabinet to the left, take the key and exit.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 3 Walkthrough

Tap the top left doors and pick up a heart from behind a Russian doll. Pick another from the top shelf and finally, the last one from the middle doll in front of the window. Place the hearts based on their color on the Russian dolls under the window, then get the key and exit!

100 Doors & Rooms Level 4 Walkthrough

On the calendar, we see numbers 279 highlighter. Use this code to open the top drawer and pick up the USB stick. Use it with the computer and see the code – 521. Use it to open the door and exit.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 5 Walkthrough

Tap the fridge and get an ice cube from there. Also get a magnifying glass from the cabinet next to the door. Place the ice cube on the top of the cabinet, then use the magnifying glass on it to get the key. Use it to exit the room.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 6 Walkthrough

Get a coin from the top cabinet and use it on the binoculars. Use the code you see there (4273) to open the door.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 7 Walkthrough

Get a piece of rope from the cabinet and use it to the right side of the left binds. Tap it to reveal the code (921) and use it to exit the room.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 8 Walkthrough

From the left cabinet, get a wrench from the toolbox and a wheel. From the right cabinet, get the other wheel. Use the wheels on the wheelchair, then the wrench to make the wheelchair go away. Tap the door and exit.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 9 Walkthrough

Pick up a piece of cloth from the left cabinet and use it to clean the mirror and reveal the code (348). Use it to open the right drawer to get the key and exit.

100 Doors & Rooms Level 10 Walkthrough

Pick up the cheese from the fridge and a pan from above. Place the pan on the stove, place the cheese inside and get the key. Use it to open the door and exit.

And there we have it! We have completed the first 10 levels in 100 Doors & Rooms, and they were not the most difficult we have ever played, but they were really enjoyable. We’ll be back with more answers, so make sure to check back soon here at App Amped!

Update: The solution to the next 10 levels has just been published, make sure to check it out as well!


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