10 Best iPhone and iPad Halloween Apps & Games for Kids

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Halloween is around the corner and you’re probably wondering what are the best apps and games that your kid can enjoy during the spooky celebrations. With tons of available options, choosing just the right one might prove really difficult, so we’ve decided to get the scares for you and trick or treat all the apps (OK, many of them) for kids with a Halloween theme and share with you the results below.

We’ve come up with a list of the best 10 iPhone and iPad Halloween apps and games for kids, from spooky games to learning apps – in other words, everything that you need to keep the little fellow entertained and busy with a Halloween theme.

Toca Boo

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A big house to explore, six family members to scare using a funny geeky looking like character. There are lots of hidden surprises around the house, things to do besides scaring and absolutely amazing graphics that the kids will love. No in-app purchases and third party advertising make it even safer for kids, so head over to iTunes and download it right now!

Haunted House

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A 3-D Pop-Up activity book for kids and one of the most popular spooky apps ever released on the iPhone, the Haunted House activity book has a bit of everything to keep things happy and entertained for hours. Over 9 games that also offer them chances to brew magic potions and build their own monsters, other scenes and activities to do in the house and wonderfully creepy illustrations – all these are guaranteed to give your kid thrills and chills on Halloween (and afterwards). Download the app here.

Chocolapps Art Studio

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Color, draw and have fun this Halloween together with your kid using this free app! From coloring pre-made spooky characters to a complete freestyle drawing mode that allows the little ones express their creativity freely, this app will surely keep them busy and thrilled at the same time. Because we all know that all kids love to draw! So head over to iTunes to get it now for free!

Doodle Critter Maths: Shapes

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Interact and play with basic shapes, all with a Halloween theme and a lot of joy for the little ones. There are also mini games coming with this app that help them learn the shapes faster and have fun while doing so. Give it a try here.

Planet Halloween

best iPhone iPad Halloween apps for kids 05

An amazing app with more than 60 games and activities for your child to discover and enjoy. Chances are that you’ll enjoy the app just as much as they do, with all its different activities and fantasy monsters and creatures (because we also have fairies here, unicorns, elfs and hobbits, as well as witches, ghosts and vampires). An extremely enjoyable app, as you will see for yourself if you download it here.

My Little Pony: Luna Eclipsed

best iPhone iPad Halloween apps for kids 06

The My Little Pony themed Halloween app comes with a spooky tale, silly costumes and a lot of activities to do. The perfect Halloween treat, the app is filled with the little ones’ favorite ponies from the show, activities and extremely fun visuals. The little ones will surely love it! Head over to iTunes to download it!

Pango Hide and Seek

best iPhone iPad Halloween apps for kids 07

Who doesn’t like hide and seek? What about hide and seek with a Halloween theme? A game that’s all about searching for Pango in different worlds, as well as finding different items that have been hidden within each level, Pango Hide and Seek comes with completely interactive backgrounds and improves the observation and exploration skills of the kids. No stress and high replayability make this app a perfect choice for Halloween.

Doc McStuffins Paint and Play

best iPhone iPad Halloween apps for kids 08

Who doesn’t love Doc McStuffins? I surely started to enjoy the character since my little boy always watches the show, and any kid will be thrilled by this app that allows you to paint Doc and turn her 3D, as well as collect a ton of Halloween decorations, stickers, patterns and more. Just try it out to be amazed. Available here on iTunes

Peekaboo Trick or Treat with Ed Emberley

best iPhone iPad Halloween apps for kids 09

Come Trick or Treating in the Peekaboo funhouse this Halloween! There are 14 costumed creatures waiting to pop out to delight and amuse, from puppies dressed up as princesses to fire-breathing dragons, everything is here and is ready to delight the little ones. With the focus on “better silly rather than scary” this app is one that the little ones will surely enjoy to the max! Check it out here.

Mebop Spooky

best iPhone iPad Halloween apps for kids 19

Singing spooky eyes and skulls and candy? That’s what this app is all about: with a tap and swipe, you can create colorful shapes that sway with sounds and motion and entertain the children with a Halloween theme. Shake the device for a surprise and understand that sometimes you don’t have to go for way too complicated things for the little ones to have fun. The app is available on iTunes, so give it a try!

There you have them: our 10 recommended apps and games for kids for Halloween. I am sure that they will enjoy them greatly and you will too!


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