I was not really a huge fan of Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, but my wife found the game and couldn’t put it down since. Therefore, I asked her now to do me and hopefully you a favor and share with us some Flutter cheats or just tips and tricks for Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary and fortunately she decided to do it. Here is what she had to say:

Flutter may seem an easy game but if you play it really smart you can be the best of the best. The purpose of the game is to collect as many species of butterflies as you can, and it can be easier if you follow the right steps. We have them here, so check out my Flutter tips and tricks!

Attract Butterflies: Don’t use flutterbucks to lay eggs just yet, even if it’s the quickest way to fuse them to get the max level on your butterflies. Just use the attract option as many times as you can. You can be lucky and get some new species and max your butterflies with the less expensive way, because it’s just time consuming, nothing more. If you get some butterflies that you don’t need you can always send them to storage for more space.

Attract Flowers: Don’t forget to look everywhere for this. They appear when you collect honeydew from butterflies. They can hide behind leafs and you don’t want to miss any, they are your ticket to more species. Collect them and fuse them so that you can get better chances when you use them to attract more rare butterflies. You can find out which flower will get you an unknown species if you check your Flutterpedia. If you open the unrevealed butterflies you will see the location, the rarity of the butterfly and the size. 100% attract flower is 100% chances for that butterfly to get in your hands. Use them wisely!

Fuse and Max Level Butterflies: When you have more butterflies of the same species you can fuse them together and create a stronger butterfly by collecting pollen. You need five butterflies to completely upgrade a butterfly and for every level you want to upgrade you will need more pollen. When you click the butterfly it will show you how many times you fused it by filling your butterfly turning it gray at first and golden after you level it up with pollen. Max leveling it, it will get extra honeydew every time you collect.

Pollen Flowers: You should use the Flutterbucks to upgrade the pollen flowers. They are very important to max level a butterfly. The higher the level is on a pollen flower, the more pollen you’ll get for the same amount of honeydew. You can put your flower in work shifts even if you don’t need pollen at the moment. You can use it later and it will be easier to level up and not have to wait so long for the flower to make the pollen. The faster way to get pollen is to use 5 honeydew every 30 seconds, so you’ll always have something to do.

How to get more Flutterbucks: You can earn flutterbucks by completing goals, butterflies collections, max level complete butterfly collections, catching petals till they disappear and clicking bugs. Sometimes the bugs will only give you honeydew, but from time to time they will give you one flutterbuck. Just don’t miss any and you’ll surely get some extra flutterbucks. Catching petals by flying you butterflies into them will get you honeydew at every hit, but for the last hit you will always get one flutterbuck. Having every unknown species in a butterfly collection will get you some good flutterbucks, see your flutterpedia to know how much for each collection. Also if every butterfly in that collection is max leveled you will get even more flutterbucks. Don’t hurry to use your flutterbucks to lay eggs so that you can max level a butterfly, be patient, see first if it is worth it and if the attract hole is not giving you what you need. Completing goals will give you flutterbucks or honeydew. If it’s a goal that you need to use flutterbucks in order to complete, make sure you use as little as possible. The more time you wait, the less flutterbucks you need to hurry the butterfly, the pollen flower, or the caterpillars.

Goals: Always check the list of goals to see what is available to you. You can be close to completing a goal without knowing! Catching floating seed for example is one of the goals you need to know about because the dandelion flower appears from nowhere and you have to use a butterfly to scatter the seeds and then use all the butterflies around to collect the seeds as fast as you can because there is not much time till the seeds disappear.

Forest Expansion: The more expansions you get, the more room you will have in your forest for all your butterflies. You need more and more honeydew for the expansion as it gets more expensive with each buy. You need to clear every patch of forest five times with the amount of honeydew written above the patch. Every time you clear a part of the patch, the amount increases. On every patch you will see either a butterfly shape or a pollen flower shape and you will know what it hides behind the patch you want to clear.

Storage and Selling: When you don’t have enough room for your butterflies, you can send them to storage till you make room. Attracting butterflies or laying eggs requires space so you need to move some butterflies away for a time. If the storage gets full and you have some butterflies you don’t need anymore you can sell them. They will not get you much, except for the ones they reached max level. For normal, not maxed butterflies, you’ll get just a few honeydew, and for the ones max leveled you’ll get a few flutterbucks. But it’s not worth it starting a business of raising butterflies and selling them when they reach max level, because it will cost you more to raise them than what you will get out of them.

If you follow all these tips and tricks you will get every butterfly in Flutterpedia. So get busy, breed your butterflies, keep your attract hole always at work and you will reach every goal and complete every collection in your book!